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The Elaine Dance will come back into fashion -

I don't know, I thought it went over fairly well. Apparently drumming in large groups is soothing for the soul, after suffering the defeat of a failed attempt at Wally Pong. I for one think it was worth the effort. How else can you get the entire youth group drumming "We will, we will rock you" unison?

Pastor Chris -

Ok...I just laughed so hard I lifted myself right out of my seat! (if you know what I mean)

I was openly emotional last night as the most under-appreciated, and mis-understood game in Solid Rock history made a comeback. It was pure joy for me to see smiling youth playing the game and drumming the tables (even if they still don't have a clue how to really play the game). It should be noted that when played with smaller more skilled teams it was an experience that was "sporting heaven".

I also should say that I never made that quote posted by Dan. Once again I'm the victim of bad press! The truth is that the World Wally Pong League is up and going and team Austin/Jabbour is willing to take on anyone, at anytime!

Dennis -

Wow. Even after 10 years or more, he just can't let this game go.

I suppose a boy can still dream of a day when the word Wallypong will be synonymous with "fun game" rather than "Seriously? We're playing that AGAIN!?"

Chris, maybe it's time for you to consider the route Bob took with his "Stock Car Racing Game With Too Many Rules", and turn Wallypong into some sort of a bored, err,, i mean board game...?

Just a thought.

Though i must say, the look of pride on your face last night was priceless.. Until the look of sadness / horror overtook it as you watched 80 youth randomly hit a ball back and forth accross a bunch of tables, totally disregarding the very specific rules of Wallypong..

That was pretty awesome..!

But you were right about one thing, memories were created!


Chris -

Oh yes...I would expect nothing less from Dennis whose creative/inventive spirit has brough nothing into the world beside something called the "big burn" (where you sit around and throw things into a that's creative!)

The SRY should know that Dennis has been jealous of me ever since I created Wally Pong. You can just see it...its written all over his face!

Don't count Wally Pong or its creator out yet!

Jeff McGuigan -

I was not able to attend the events of Wally Pong, but I did discuss it with people. Every single person enjoyed the sport of Wally Pong. ALTHOUGH, I am very dissapointed that some rules were omited *cough*water chugging*cough* and I was not the only one.

Dennis -

In response to Chris's suggestion that i have "brought nothing into the world beside something called the "big burn"".

1. The Big Burn is awesome.

2. Two words: Extreme Pictionary.

Chris -

Thank-you Jeff for your unbias support for Wally Pong. I know you would have enjoyed the game and that it probably would have changed your life.

It should be said that water chugging was never in the rules for the original game but were added later as a way of trying to make Dennis feel better for the game he once created (and that almost cost a young man his life)

Again Jeff, thanks for your support!

Dennis -

Water chugging was not added to make me feel better, it was added to make Wallypong playable! Everyone knows that if the water chugging was added, a whole new dimension would have opened up, and Wallypong might actually become something that people dream about playing, rather than something that causes youth leaders and youth alike to have nightmares at night!


After the original attempt at Wallypong back in the 90's, a number of Youth Leaders were continually filled with fear and trembling every time they had to lead a new game, concerned that it might turn out to be a "Wallypong". That fear still carries on today.

The term "Wallypong" actually means "horrible failure" in the vocabulary of most Youth Leaders from SRY. All you have to do is say the word in front of one of the leaders, and watch the fear fill their eyes.

Wallypong is a black mark on an otherwise stellar carreer of Game Development for Chris.

He just can't seem to let this one go.

After last nights fiasco, I think it really is time to let go.


Just let it go...

You can do it..

Let your silly and misguided desire to see Wallypong become something it can never be... free.... let it be free...




Jeff McGuigan -

I think it should be made clear that the water part was not an attempt to make Dennis feel included, nor was it added to increase the awesomeness of Wallypong. I just wanted to see someone RALPH!

Dennis -

....which would have made the game fun/awesome/memorable thus increasing its awesomeness from a starting point of zero, to that of a million times more awesome than it was without the water chugging...

Jeff McGuigan -

The excitment Wallypong brings to us youth, and the excitement that seeing one of our own spill there guts out on the floor are completely different scales of awesome.

sarah -

go to the top and read it all out.... it is an intense conversation

chris is there KD day tomorrow?

Connor -

Why wouldn't there be?

Jeff McGuigan -

They're away.

Chris -

KD is on tomorrow at the Austins. All the cheezy, creamy pasta you can eat.

stephen robinson -

to who it may concern. this is stephen robinson the gentleman who has a trade mark on the name wallpong since 1995. you need to change your name or i will start proceeding and have my lawyer get involved.