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sarah -

thanks to everyone involved in the grade 12 night
obviously alot of work went into it, and it was an amazing way to end off the year.
thank you sooo much for making our jr high and high school years so memorable.
you all wont be forgotten

sarah -

Hot and Cold pictures are NOT on the website!

Emily McKenna -

The grad night was so great!
It was awesome to get together with all the gr 12s for one last time.
I am going to miss Solid Rock Youth alot next year.
So thanks to all the leaders who put all the work into it. You've been awesome these past few years!

Dan... i am still waiting for HOT and COLD pictures..!

Emily McKenna -

Hey Chris,
I am doing a reading at our Interfaith service, and they want me to look for a reading in the bible. I thought I would ask for your help in finding something that would fit for graduation. So if you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks! Emily

Chris -

Hey there Emily.
I've always liked the reading in the book of Ecclesiastes (right after the book of Proverbs)

I've read chapter 3:1-8 and then closed with the verse from Chapter 12:1 "Remember your creator in the days of your youth" and ended it there.

Sorry that I can't make the service as it falls on Gray's prom night. I'm sure it will be awesome.

Thanx for the kind words about the supper. It was great to have you there.